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Each Bella Box includes a journal, a pen and/or crayons (for the children's boxes), a comfy blanket, a pair of cozy socks, candy and a certificate of courage in the recipient's name. Proceeds from sales of Bella Boxes are donated to Gold Together to help bring an end to childhood and adolescent cancers.

For children with cancer, our Bella Box does not include a journal, but we do provide a link to receive a beautiful journal called "My Battle Plan Journal" from Leia's Kids Foundation (these are given to children with cancer and are written by Leia Hunt, a two-time childhood cancer survivor).

For moms of a child with cancer, we would like to direct you to the Warrior Moms United page where you can get help from other moms with a child with cancer. This organization was founded by our author, Shari Ann Almeida.

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