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Meet Carolyn

Carolyn Breinich was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in 1994, five days before her 14th birthday. Her treatment consisted of two and a half years of chemo and ten days of cranial radiation. She survived a major medical mistake, experienced miracles, discovered the healing power of dolphins, lost friends, fumbled her way through relationships, and overcame depression that came later in life. No matter what has happened in her life, Carolyn has always had a strong faith and believes she is alive for a reason.

Carolyn is a dual-certified Recreational Therapist/Child Life Specialist and has more than 25 years working with pediatric cancer patients in a hospital, outpatient clinic, and camp setting. Her goal has always been to make the world a better place for future childhood cancer patients and survivors. In 2020, she self-published her memoir Faith, Hope and Cancer: The Journey of a Childhood Cancer Survivor. You can learn more about her and her first book at Carolyn is now working on her 30th Cancerversary Edition of her book.

Carolyn is from Ohio, but in 2017, Carolyn and her husband, Lee, moved into a motorhome. They have been traveling the United States with their two dogs, seeing the beauty around them. Carolyn loves exploring new places and loves ballroom dancing.

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