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Meet Hayley & Justin

Hayley and Justin Dickens were no strangers to loss before childhood cancer struck their family. Despite this, they were still trying to live a normal life with their two beautiful daughters when their oldest daughter Kallie was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer. They found themselves with an overflow of emotions that would find their way out through writing. They started a Facebook page for Kallie called The Optimistic Angel to document her cancer journey and these emotions. This page is what inspired them to ultimately write a book about their family's love (and grief) story.

Hayley and Justin currently live with Kallie's little sister Kora in Loranger, Louisiana. In their spare time they enjoy family dinner dates, taking trips, and working out. When they're not working, they're hard at work keeping Kallie's legacy alive. Stay tuned to find out more about how they plan to keep shining some Kallie Sunshine. Her light was too bright not to share.

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Hayley and Justin are the authors of The Optimistic Angel, the story of a young family enduring the loss of their precious little girl to brain cancer.

A very raw and honest look into the devastation of childhood cancer written by two young parents who lost their precious daughter to brain cancer, this journal style book will touch you to the core. Kallie Dickens was "The Optimistic Angel". Her parents, authors Hayley and Justin Dickens and her little sister Kora continue to passionately live out her legacy. This book is a must read.

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Based on the children's book "Kalliegator and the Magic of Kindness" by Hayley Dickens, our very first coloring book was created by illustrator Estella A. Patrick. It is an absolutely beautiful coloring book. We encourage you to BUY ONE and GIVE ONE (or many) to Keeping A Light for Kallie to use in their Bright Boxes to bring special cheer to kids fighting cancer.

More information on the coloring book can be found HERE.

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Hayley Dickens wrote this very sweet children's book to honor Kallie's memory and let her kindness continue to shine. Buy yours today HERE.

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Justin Dickens wrote a powerful memoir about the incredible pain of loss and brokenness. His book was published by Ashland Ink Publishing, March 2024. Find out more HERE.

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