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Meet Eva

Eva was born and raised in Northeastern Minnesota where she still lives with her large family. She found a best friend in preschool named Destiny who lives with special needs and Eva's heart has held love for all people living with unique health situations since then so she is super excited to be illustrating for Bell Asteri! She discovered her love for art at a very early age and is always making something, never restricting her art to just one style but trying to learn every technique she can. She attends school online and spends her free time reading books, playing with her siblings and her dog Remy, and making as much art as she can.


"Brave, Courageous & Bold: Luke and His Big Battle" tells the story of a baby boy and his battle against a very rare disease that nearly took his life. Luke was 18 months old when he became sick and the doctors were convinced that he would not survive. His family was sad, frightened and very hurt, but they turned to their faith in God and chose to be brave, courageous and bold in the face of chemotherapy and brain surgery and near-death.

Author: Linda Park

Illustrator: Eva Larson

Purchase your copy HERE.


To contact Eva, send an email to

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