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Meet Leia

Leia Hunt is a two-time childhood cancer survivor. As a two-year-old, she was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and received five rounds of chemotherapy. At the age of three, the cancer returned and Leia received radiation via an isotope. This treatment was successful, but also took the vision in her left eye. This brought many challenges in school to keep up with the school work. During this time, Leia took this negative and turned it into a positive. Leia began raising money for eye cancer research, but she realized that families need direct help also. Learning from her family situation and the impact on her siblings, Leia wanted to be able to assist more. So, at the age of 18, Leia founded Leia's Kids. LK raises money to give to a child and family to use for what insurance won't cover- gas, parking, rent, the electric bill, etc. During the celebration of the child and family, LK honors the child's brave fight of cancer with a celebration party. Leia stays in contact with the families and encourages them and gives them emotional support for other resources that the family may use.

Leia has also written a journal, My Battle Plan. This is a journal for the child to use while receiving treatment to keep track of emotions, treatments, and uplifting quotes to encourage the child in the biggest battle of their life. As a national speaker, Leia has also spoken about perseverance, From Virginia to Ohio, down to Texas, Leia is an inspiration to others by showing how to find the good in the hardest challenges. She is a full-time student earning her Early Education degree in 2023 from Texas A&M Commerce.

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Coming Spring 2023, Princess Marygold will show us all that beauty can come from ashes as she teaches twin girls with cancer that they have an important purpose in life.


"My Battle Plan Journal" and "My Battle Plan Grief Journal" are publications of Leia's Kids Foundation. Although these are not Bell Asteri publications, these journals are very important to us. Leia wrote these for kids battling cancer. She knows what they are going through. And the grief journals are for children who have lost a sibling to cancer. Please consider buying one for a family you know or consider donating so that Leia can continue giving them out for free to families in need. Visit Leia's Kids HERE.


Visit Leia's Kids and find out how you can directly support Leia's mission. Funds donated help families with the high costs of childhood cancer as well as printing and distribution of journals.

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