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Meet Linda

Linda was born in Washington, D.C. and spent her childhood living in many different places before her family settled in Houston. She worked for many years teaching young children and has served on the board of a nonprofit organization for several decades. She has lived in many different states and countries and has traveled all over the world, much of that involving working with children.

She is the mother of a childhood cancer survivor and is dedicated to improving the lives of children who have suffered at the cruel hands of sickness. As editor, she ensures the quality of our books and publications is the best it can be.

Her children's book "Brave, Courageous, Bold: Luke and His Big Battle" was released in 2023.


"Brave, Courageous & Bold: Luke and His Big Battle" tells the story of the author's baby boy and his battle against a very rare disease that nearly took his life. Luke was 18 months old when he became sick and the doctors were convinced that he would not survive. His family was sad, frightened and very hurt, but they turned to their faith in God and chose to be brave, courageous and bold in the face of chemotherapy and brain surgery and near-death.

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To contact Linda, email her HERE.

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