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Meet Morgan

Morgan was born in Arlington, Texas and raised in The Woodlands, Texas, just north of Houston. She has a bachelor's degree from Sam Houston State University and currently works as an accountant in the oil and gas industry.

Morgan is an author, illustrator, and editor. Her first book was published when she was just a small child and the second edition was released in 2021 with her illustrations and artwork. She is also working on another book which should be coming out in 2023.

In her free time, she enjoys all kinds of sports and athletic events. A former swimmer, runner and triathlete, she now participates in a variety of athletic events. She loves sports, especially hockey and football. And she operates a blog and podcast to talk about her love for sport.

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Morgan co-authored "Our Daddy's Cancer" which was originally published in 2007. The updated second edition includes new illustrations and art all done by Morgan.

The book can be purchased in paperback or hardcover or E-book at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Purchase at Amazon here.

Purchase at Barnes & Noble here.


I love meeting new people and hearing their life stories. We all have great stories to share!

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