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Bell Asteri Publishing & Enterprises was founded with the intent of putting a spotlight on children and young adults with cancer and their families. Our mission is to improve the lives of children through the art of storytelling.

We work with authors of every age to share stories, poems, songs and artwork. Our books are written by childhood cancer patients, their siblings, and even their parents and friends. We also have books written by childhood cancer survivors who have grown up and continue to fight to raise awareness and funding.

We also work with cancer patients in the 15-39 age group (AYA Cancer Community) which sees its own unique challenges as cancer incidence in this group continues to increase dramatically and survival rates have not improved much over the decades.

We have a Review Board in place that helps us determine which manuscripts we will publish. At the beginning of 2023, we brought on some members of the childhood and adolescent/young adult communities to help us decide which projects fall within our mission and which do not. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, but when an author/illustrator is referred to us, this board decides if the manuscript or art meets our standards.

Proceeds from book sales are donated to cancer research and awareness campaigns emphasizing pediatric and young adult cancers. You can learn more about organizations we support by visiting our resources page.



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