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When someone you love gets cancer, it can leave you feeling very helpless and overwhelmed. This becomes even more true when that someone is your spouse and you are now a full-time caregiver. Cancer doesn't seem to care that you have kids at home or a job. It doesn't wait until everything in life is calm and you have nothing else to do but take care of your husband. Cancer is a bully! But, Dear Caregiver, you are tough. You are smart. You are capable of much more than you know. This journal is for you. It's a place to record your feelings and thoughts and questions. YOU MATTER! Included in this journal are tips and advice from someone who's been there. There are resources and useful information throughout. Take care, Dear Caregiver. You can do this!

ISBN: 978-1-957604-07-7 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-957604-08-4 (hardcover)




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