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You don't have to have cancer to read this book. You don't have to be on chemotherapy to have fun. Yes, that sounds odd to say, but this little booklet was written by someone who learned how to have fun "dates" with her husband when he was going through chemo for stage four cancer, They were a young couple with two small children at home and they were suddenly forced into the often dark and scary world of cancer. They decided early on that one of the ways to defeat depression and anxiety and fear was to remember to have fun. This booklet offers ideas for couples going through something similar. There are some jokes and brain teasers and activities for any couple to enjoy. Dating doesn't have to get boring. Let this little book get you kick-started on coming up with fun, happy, easy dating and activities you can do no matter the circumstances of your life.

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ISBN: 9978-1-957604-24-4

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