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Carolyn’s life changed the moment she heard the words, “You have leukemia.”

This is Carolyn’s story of being diagnosed with cancer as a teenager, surviving treatment, and then navigating life afterward. She survived a major medical mistake, experienced miracles, discovered the healing power of dolphins, lost friends, fumbled her way through relationships, and overcame depression that came later in life.

Her story will make readers laugh, cry and feel inspired. It will help cancer patients realize they are not alone. Healthcare workers will gain a deeper understanding of how to work with children and young adults diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Family and friends will understand the importance of their role in their loved one’s journey. All readers will discover how important faith and hope truly are, in the good times and bad.

In this special 30th “cancerversary” edition of her book, Carolyn adds many updates, describing where her life’s journey has taken her. Included in this is another cancer diagnosis, her work in advocacy, awareness, and much more. Celebrate 30 years with her in this incredible story of hope, faith and cancer.



Watch the Book trailer HERE

Meet the Author HERE:

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Instructional Guide for teachers and classroom sets of "Faith, Hope and Cancer" coming May 2024.

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