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Meet Kylee

Kylee Lauren McGrane-Zarnoch is a New York City based entrepreneur, speaker, content creator, and founder of A Moment of Magic Foundation. She is a passionate advocate for mental health, childhood cancer, the power of creativity and vulnerability, and chasing your dreams (especially the ones that seem impossible).

In December 2014, Kylee had the idea to dress up like a princess and visit local children's hospitals. After her first visit to a children's hospital in New York, she fell in love and A Moment of Magic was born.

After a little bit of magic in November 2016, A Moment of Magic's story went viral, grossing more than 65 million views worldwide. The international attention helped the organization gain the momentum needed to make Kylee's dream come true and allow A Moment of Magic to be adopted by colleges and universities across the United States.

Today, A Moment of Magic has engaged more than 1,300 college student volunteers from more than 30 colleges and universities to partner with 300+ hospitals and NPO's to provide creative programming to more than 100,000 children.

Kylee is a President George H.W. Bush Daily Point of Light Honoree, a Sara Blakely and Spanx Red Backpack Fund Recipient, a New York Yankees HOPE Week Honoree, and an AERIE Real Changemaker.  She has been featured on The Today Show, USA Today, Elite Daily, and more. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and their delightfully fluffy puppy Riggins. Rumor has it, she has never refused a cup of coffee in her life.

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Release Date: Summer 2023

Kylee and the A Moment of Magic community share with us all the magic within.


Visit A Moment of Magic to find out how you can help further their mission  to improve the quality of life of vulnerable and underserved children and inspire them to be brave, strong, and fearless through fun and engaging social wellness activities.

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