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In the beginning

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Well, we are starting at the beginning, which is of course, a very good place to start. Last month, on December 10, we officially launched Bell Asteri Publishing and yesterday at around 7:00 PM our first book went live on the market.

Now, the mission at this company is to improve the lives of children through the art of storytelling, so you may be wondering why our first book to publish is an adult book. This book, part of the Soaring Collection, was first published as a download-able PDF version in 2007 for the purpose of cancer education. As the founders of Bell Asteri, we decided to publish a second edition in both ebook and paperback and give folks who are interested an glimpse into who we are and why we started this company.

So, here is the synopsis of the book... Bill and Dana-Sue (that's me) were a young married couple with two young children at home. Both of us had experienced childhood cancer early in life and now here we were experiencing cancer as 30 somethings. This story goes into some of the ugliness of chemo and trying to manage a "normal" life while enduring cancer. Without giving all the graphic details of treatments, they are touched on, but the book ends with victory. Yep, giving the ending away here. Bill is still alive. He's a triathlete (you can tell from the book cover) and he's co-owner of Bell Asteri.

Y'all will enjoy this very easy-to-read story and it can definitely be read in a couple of hours. We would love to know what you think of it too. The second edition gives a small update at the end in the Epilogue. Today, our family continues to wage war against cancer and we love meeting other families whose lives have been touched by these diseases. It's a club no one ever wants to join, but once you're in it, you fall in love with the many people in it and see courage and strength in them daily.

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