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Kalliegator and the Magic of Kindness

Kalliegator lives in the swamps of Louisiana. She is kind to everyone she meets and simply wants to spread her kindness wherever she goes.


Based on the real-life kindness of a little girl named Kallie, author Hayley Dickens shares her beautiful poem of the magic one feels when they choose to be kind. Kallie's light, love, and goodness shine through each page and remind us all that we can be kind just like Kallie.

Illustrator Estella Patrick brings the joyful magic of Kallie shining through each page and there are even some special touches of artwork by Kora Dickens, Kallie's little sister.

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The companion to Kalliegator and the Magic of Kindness is Kalliegator, Colors of Kindness. This beautiful coloring book features art by illustrator Estella A. Patrick and it is included in the Bright Boxes shipped to children with brain cancer from Keeping A Light for Kallie. Click HERE to find out how you can purchase the coloring book and/or donate toward getting it into the hands of kids with cancer. Or you can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble below.

Kalliegator, Colors of Kindness

publication date: July 21, 2023

ISBN: 978-1-957604-36-7


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